More than 10 years near the pool.

The Yordo headquarter and factory located in Szentes, Hungary. Our company was established in 2007.

At Yordo we played the game and we know how important to wear the best quaility in and out of the water.

This is why we use:

– premium quality materials

– the most advanced technologies

At Yordo every worker are skilled. Our products are hand made and continously tested to give you the best. Our graphics team are help you to design and achieve the look what you searching for your team. Our development team continously looking for the new technologies, develop the products to always be up-to-date. Our distributors are all over the world to give you the closest, the best anf the fastest service.

Yordo brings you the most competitive design with the best comfort, so you just need to concentrate for the game.


“Your choice, your game, your way.”